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Workshop 1 – Constitution Day

The newly alienated territory of the Great Reef Barrier and its Queensland adjacencies, created to protect the reef from Australia’s government negligence and global late-capitalist practices, requires a series of foundational acts to be consolidated under a Constitution. These acts are not intended to be regulatory, against the natural logic of constitutions, but trans-regulatory, as



Archiscoot è l’itinerario urbano di Milano Arch Week in sella a uno scooter! PARTENZA ore 9.30: Ingresso Triennale Milano (viale Alemagna 6, Milano) ITINERARIO 1. Casa al Parco 2. Gallerie d’Italia, con dialogo fra Stefano Boeri e Vincenzo Latina + visita guidata alle Gallerie d’Italia 3. Ampliamento Teatro alla Scala di Mario Botta, Piazza della