Category: Workshop

Workshop 3 – Material Balance

Infusing Nature to the inside. The Nature infusion is more than just an installation, it’s a statement that defines an invitation of nature into our built environment. A nature that can be worked with instead of against. The proposed concept is an attempt in showing how we can develop and enhance the existing natural resources

Workshop 4 – Future Factory

Exploring the future city with all human senses. We perceive our environment primarily through the level of senses, yet these are mostly neglected in planning and future processes. This is surprising, because initial scientific evidence confirms that using the human senses as an entry point for visioning processes holds greater potential for people to think


Workshop 1 – Constitution Day

The newly alienated territory of the Great Reef Barrier and its Queensland adjacencies, created to protect the reef from Australia’s government negligence and global late-capitalist practices, requires a series of foundational acts to be consolidated under a Constitution. These acts are not intended to be regulatory, against the natural logic of constitutions, but trans-regulatory, as

Workshop 2 – Umano Urbano

Umano urbano is a critic exploration of the urban environment, investigating and revealing contrasts between the functional-technological landscape and the human-natural forces in a narrative and dreamlike video resulting from an hyper realistic exasperation. Glazed surfaces, constant fluxes, repeated movements. An urban codex we are used to, but that we haven’t written. Because written by