Workshop 2 – Umano Urbano

Umano urbano is a critic exploration of the urban environment, investigating and revealing contrasts between the functional-technological landscape and the human-natural forces in a narrative and dreamlike video resulting from an hyper realistic exasperation. Glazed surfaces, constant fluxes, repeated movements. An urban codex we are used to, but that we haven’t written. Because written by needs – of movement and zoning – and not by desires, by specific choices. It is a provocation to the urban repetition, where we need to insist giving space to exceptions, weaving the rhythm of the codex with the flexibility of the narrative, with the exceptional dimension of the human community

For more details and application: Workshop Eterotopia – Umano Urbano

Dates 23-26th of May 2019 (10am – 6pm)
Number of participants: 20 to 25 students
To enrol in this workshop, please contact:

For Politecnico di Milano’s students this workshop pays 2cfu

Francesca Pierangeli