Workshop 3 – Material Balance

Infusing Nature to the inside. The Nature infusion is more than just an installation, it’s a statement that defines an invitation of nature into our built environment. A nature that can be worked with instead of against. The proposed concept is an attempt in showing how we can develop and enhance the existing natural resources to be a part of our lives through a sustainable approach, acting also as a motivation for our community to reconnect with nature. The concept defined by extending the existing natural grounds around the Triennale into the semi-outdoor built structure and the main lobby space, inviting the natural environment to be expanded through a sustainable vision integrating reclaimed materials found in our surroundings. Textile from recycled waste will be used, coming from our common waste in the region, and we will used to knit performative properties like light, sound and air in order to design a ribbon that can react to environment and enhance our wellbeing. Students will work either with computational tool and with hands on manual techniques…

For more details and application: Workshop_MaterialBalance

Dates 22-26th of May 2019 (10am – 6pm)
Number of participants: 15 students in Architecture, Design, Fashion and Humanities
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For Politecnico di Milano’s students this workshop pays 2cfu



Francesca Pierangeli