Workshop 1 – Constitution Day

The newly alienated territory of the Great Reef Barrier and its Queensland adjacencies, created to protect the reef from Australia’s government negligence and global late-capitalist practices, requires a series of foundational acts to be consolidated under a Constitution. These acts are not intended to be regulatory, against the natural logic of constitutions, but trans-regulatory, as they will define the scope of emancipated relations between the voluntary citizens of the new post-national body. A workshop has been organized around the pending task of imagining the nature of these foundational acts. The workshop is open to students of architecture, art, political science/political economy, philosophy, literature, etc. who will work in groups and/or units around a list of areas of “constitutional” interest…

For more details and application: Workshop Australia_CONSTITUTION DAY

Dates 23-26th of May 2019 (10am – 6pm)
Number of participants: 24 to 40 students
To enrol in this workshop, please contact:

For Politecnico di Milano’s students this workshop pays 2cfu