Lecture al patio di architettura


Milano Arch Week is an international festival dedicated to architecture, urban transformations and the future of cities, promoted by Comune di Milano, Politecnico di Milano and Triennale Milano, with the artistic direction of Stefano Boeri, President of Triennale Milano. This year’s edition, which involves some of the great protagonists of international architecture, focuses on peripheries, investigating their potential and limits with respect to the epochal challenges of our present: from the health emergency to the climate crisis, from the increasingly pervasive presence of technology to the transformation of spaces and places to the growth of new forms of citizenship and
community. Among the guests of this edition are Anne Lacaton and Anne Heringer, who will participate with special lectures. Waiting for Peripheries, a preview of the 2023 Spring edition, presents on 26-27 September two days of lectures and roundtables. Check the program and all the details to join the talk and lectures at the link below!