Workshop 4 – Future Factory

Exploring the future city with all human senses. We perceive our environment primarily through the level of senses, yet these are mostly neglected in planning and future processes. This is surprising, because initial scientific evidence confirms that using the human senses as an entry point for visioning processes holds greater potential for people to think creatively, optimistically and at eye level about the future compared to cognitive approaches. The Future Factory wants to tap into this potential. It seeks to stimulate and collect visions for the future city by using a newly developed visioning methodology that combines multisensorial stimuli and arts-based formats. Hereby, students will be empowered to break out of conventional thought patterns and develop visions of the city of the future that correspond to their very own desires and wishes. By asking how the city of the future should sound, smell, feel or look like, we explore forms, colours, materials and atmospheres of the built and lived environment. Through this approach, we seek to find new entry points for solving today’s and future challenges, such as using more sustainable building materials, forming harmony between man and nature in the city, and improving urban health for greater wellbeing…

For more details and application: Workshop_Future Factory

Dates 24th of May 2019 (1:30pm – 6pm)

Number of participants: 20-30 (students and pupils)
To enroll in this workshop, please contact: Barbara Burkel (

Francesca Pierangeli